I had two dates today. One was for coffee early this morning. One for wine and well the one for wine cancelled and I had another for coffee instead.

The one this morning looked okie. We talked okie. No chemistry though.

The second coffee date was wow oh wow. I nearly didn’t meet him as his photos wasn’t that flattering. Then in my hurry I forgot my phone at home so no way of contacting him. I got to the cafe in time but when I peeked in there was no single male there. I waited outside working on my to do list when he appeared. In real life he was cute as. Fit as a fiddle and didn’t look his age.

1/ he had a T-shirt, shorts and thongs on. A bit casual but it meant I could look at his nails. To my pleasant surprise they were nicely clipped, not bitten off.

2/ he had thick hair

3/ he had a nice butt 😍

4/ he had teeth 😂

5/ he had a nice smile

6/ he got hard as I teased him, massive turn on and quite a nice size too.

7/ he lives about 10 minutes drive from me

8/ he owns his own business so he’s super flexible. He can work from home 2-3 days a week.

9/ he’s not bad a kisser either

I think he ticked all the boxes. Guess my search has ended.