I’m still drowsy from lack of sleep. We had a 60th last night at his niece’s house. It turned out her husband is exactly 12 years older than me.

No wonder we get along. Both of us are doggies.

The teacher has gotten back to me. Paperwork is coming tomorrow. I’m to come to class on Tuesday.

Here is to a change of career in my late 40s. Better late than never. Funny thing is if one thing didn’t lead to another I would have never gotten this far. So things do happen for a reason.

I’ve been exploring all possibilities and this looked like one that suits my personality best.

Mum asked me what happened to interiors ? I told her too much outlay. Where as with tour guiding it’s pretty much let’s go. I’m my own outlay or rather my legs.

I’ve been wondering for the last few days why it never occurred to me? I’ve always loved wandering around. I ran away from home at the age of 2-3 years old. I used to remember at a young age exploring the lanes of Saigon whenever mum took a siesta. I’d slip out. One time I walked all the way home from the TV studios without getting lost . The studios was quite far away and on that particular day my parents ferrying arrangements fell through. So I walked it home.

Melbourne is my playground now. I love its laneways.

Mr Heightened has asked for a meet today since we might be free. I told him I’ll wear a skirt. We can head to a park. We can go to the riverside. He can stand behind me and play with me. To bystanders on the track we’d look like we are just cuddling.

I think he finds it exciting doing it in public. The other day we went to Anaconda so I could get a gift voucher. I took him into a display tent and gave him a kiss. As we wandered around the store I fondled his to see if he had a nice package or not. He was tenting.

He was really cute. He told me I’m naughty for fondling him in public. He reminds me of my repressed walking buddie but way cuter and much more willing to play.