I always jump head first always. I like him but not sure how to proceed. Need to be cautious. He’s naughty as.

We met at the car park today . I’d warned him it’s not too private.

In the end I got a short ride. He got a BJ and we sat kissing and cuddling. He made me soaking wet fingering me.

He wanted to play again. Since both of us are married there’s no where to go. Guess have to look for another park with a more discreet car park πŸ˜‚

He’s asked me if we could meet again on Wednesday? Today is Monday? He must really dig me πŸ˜‚

I’m not sure now. Let see. Tomorrow I’ve got walkies with someone then class. I had to go do groceries today . I will prep for dinner tomorrow later tonight.

Wednesday I’ve got my walkies buddy. Haven’t seen him for a long while.

Thursday I’ve got class again and need to see my coordinator to work on our software to make it easier for the vollies.

Friday I need to go into work as I’m way behind.

Then Mr Hotel would like to see me next Tuesday 😊

And Mr NT would like to see me on Wednesday on Valentine’s Day 😊

Looks like I’m going to be one busy girl. They are all lining up lol