Only 21 days of Summer left and it will be Autumn. I think I’m already over it. Bring on Autumn.

The heat hasn’t been too bad since we spent the bad days in Thailand. It’s the flies and ants that gets to me. The ants come inside when it’s hot.

Now I’ve got ants crawling all over my dinner table.

Today will be interesting. My walking buddy wanted to meet again. I had to tell him no. He’s already had his slot on Wednesday.

I’m popping out late morning to meet up with Mr Heightened. He’s been wanting to meet since Monday. He wanted Wednesday but that slot went to walking buddy so I had to delay him til today.

Work is piling up and I’m way behind. I’ve got volunteering to sort out and also school.

School is not bad just for some reason I can’t log into my email. Other than that it’s a breeze. We spent half the class last night risk management in the gardens.

I’ve got to research on Melbourne’s history to do a talk for our airport excursion. We all have to do a two minutes blurb on Melbourne.

Tomorrow we are hoping to go down to the hidey hole so hubby can work on the plastering . That way the tiler can come in with his team to do the tiling for us.

Hubby just found out we owe near 90K from a bad investment. We bought 6 hectares or was it acres of pine plantations 20-30 years ago. Well the trees that was supposed to be harvested and sold to offset the loan was damaged. The service company went into liquidation and they are demanding payments. Instead of having trees we now have no trees and about 90K debt.

Here is hoping they accept monthly payments as we don’t have 90K to pay them.

It’s like we never went on holidays.