I’ve been just all over the place lately and well haven’t had time to wander.

Today I left early to see Mr Hotel and had a little walk to the hotel. This is the view from Flinders station.

Our Flinders restored. Scaffolds mostly off. We used to meet each other under the clocks when we were younger. It’s where school kids and uni kids used to congregate.

Saw lots of teddies today at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Our hop on and hop off bus. Don’t you love that the blocks spelt Mel? Wonder what happened to the missing b?

And that was my little wander today. What exercise I missed out I did it horizontally with my delightful Mr Hotel. He managed to secure a room with Valentine’s Day looming tomorrow.

He looked much better today in shorts and t-shirt. All clipped and all tanned from his holidays. We had a lovely chat and I am growing fond of him. He’s no fuss what so ever and oh so generous. He always booked nice rooms for us to spend the time together.

Funny thing is he’s the same age as me. May be that’s why we understand each other. We are very alike.