Funny how an hour drive can make so much of a difference.

I walked to grab coffee and breakfast today. It’s nice to feel the crisp morning air. Not really beach weather but a change from the humid heat of Thailand that we experienced on our holidays.

Very surprised to find our neighbour has chopped down their tree. You can see the bare branches. I wonder why? One good thing we now have a view from our dining and kitchen area.

We are tackling the laundry today. We need to sort out the plastering so that the bathroom people can go in to tile the place. Forgot all about him until he emailed me asking me to resend the quote as his phone died.

I’m getting rid of the built in linen cupboard as well as the bench. With that water damage I’m not keen for a cupboard there.

I’ll have to design a new space for the laundry. Another project to add to my list.