I’m so behind that there’s no time for anything.

There’s like assignments galore not to mention me signing up for a first aid course early March which needs pre-reading and answering of questions.

On Saturday I’m off to the airport for a wander. It means that the Meet and Greet talk is due.

Saturday night at hubby’s nephew’s house celebrating the New Year. What the?

Sunday lunch at my sister’s for nephew’s birthday.

The Saturday after I’m off to the Yarra Valley which means the talk for that is due.

Then Sunday the first aid course. All day 😩

I feel stuffed.

I’m behind with work. Volunteering is picking up. The doctors must be back from their holidays.

Clients are demanding as. They think we are angels or something. Can’t wave my wand to get them back from Caulfield (12-13km) to Southern Cross with an appointment at 10:45am to catch the 1:05pm coach.

Let see it takes about an hour wait for the doctor. Then just say the consultation lasts 15-30 minutes so 12:15pm they come out.

We then have to take them to the station and wait for the next train. After we hit Southern Cross we still have to ferry them to the Coach terminal for the coach.

No can do baby unless you hurry up the doctor and we leave the doctor before 12pm or something.

I’m not in a happy place right now. Feels stressed with everything due. A bit down in the dumps . Miss going wandering and exercising . Result of studying is the continuous snacking. I keep on hitting the pantry and freezer 😩

Too much sugar and no walkies equals a grumpy stuffed bum.