I’ve always wondered what my gift was? Why I am on this planet? What am I doing here?

I’ve always got along with old people. In my other life when I was masquerading as a pharmacist I worked in medical wards. They were all old.

Then I got into volunteering and yes you guessed it most of my clients are old.

Today I did an exercise with my class. It was to meet and greet people heading out on the cruise ship. And well they were all old again 😂

I buddied up with a young girl. We had a difficult client and in the end we both managed to turn it around and even took a selfie with her.

My buddy was so happy with me she asked for me to go with her to find her client. She gave me a hug at the end and said see you around.

I might apply for a job at the pier. The pay is minimum wage. Over here our minimum is $18.29 an hour then 25% loading on top for casual.

My teacher said she will take us in April to the pier. Then in September/October she will send out forms for us to apply if we are interested for the next cruising season in November.

Guess it’s my destiny. Can’t escape it. Oldies it is.