The other night at the State Theatre. Wished I had learn the piano when I was younger.

Hubby and I stopped by a bar for a drink pre-show. I had a cocktail that was yuck. It was bitter as. He had a pale ale with a fruity note.

I ordered sushi for dinner. This place makes sushi to order. This is their platter for two. It was yum. Their sushi is always fresh as they are part of a Japanese grocery store. Well known in Melbourne.

A map for hubby . He’s not very good with the CBD. Told him to ring me when he gets to Flinders St Station and I’ll meet him. I had to go early to grab our tickets.

Our art precinct is just across the river from Flinders. You’ll find Hamer Hall, The Arts Centre and the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). It’s not far to walk. If you’re really lazy you can catch a tram. It’s one stop down from Flinders.