By the time I post this it would be after 10am.

Can’t seem to get going today. I’m tired but then it might be the two sex sessions I had with hubby yesterday and twice again the day before that.

My sex life is picking up. Saw Mr Grey again on Sunday. Chemistry was there but nothing much else. He’s cute as hell but dangerous too.

Have since messaged him to say no more. I can’t meet him no more. When I’m with him I forget everything else. I don’t want to be an addict.

Then there’s Mr Clay. He’s been chatting to me ever since he met me. He won’t let me go.

Maybe my humour is a connection and the chemistry will follow instead of thinking you have chemistry but it desolves because there is no connection.

Told him his spelling is atrocious.

I really think I would grow on you 😉

So open your mind a little and let me in 😉

He keeps on going. He’s funny but I’m not attracted to him whatsoever. He’s been sending me messages after messages every day hehehe.

One thing for sure he’s stubborn as.

Anyhow hubby found out about me meeting guys. I think deep down it turns him on hearing my stories.

The thing is our sex life is getting better. After that episode he’s more gentle with me. Fingers crossed he won’t go back to his rogue way.

Have told him it’s much nicer when he cuddles me and in turn I want him back.

Funny how relationship evolves back and fro. We’ve been here before. May be this is what it’s all about.

It’s not traditional that’s for sure.