Mr Heighten has lost interest and so have I. Today I met another. He’s cute. I suspect much younger . He’s greying at the sides and I think he lied. When I asked him how old he was he hesitated before he said he was 40.

It turned out I was wrong he’s 42 so 5 years younger than me. Mmmm he’s a good kisser. His lips so soft.

We’d be meeting again that’s for sure. I’ll have to call him Mr IT or may be Mr Lippy 😂

My lazy dinner not lacy 😂 pita bread with BBQ chicken.

Look at this tiny pineapples. Reminds me of the ones from Thailand.

Canterbury garden. I had a meet this morning. He was decked out in a black suit with a white shiny shirt. It was hot as today. Guess that’s what you wear in the insurance world. Pity no chemistry.