I’m tired but I can’t sleep. It’s just after 5am. Worried about the stupid talk for Saturday for our Yarra Valley Tour. What have I got myself into?


I need to get it sorted for class for Thursday night.

Procrastinated yesterday. Didn’t get much done. Well I did rearrange my wardrobe and washed the kids’ back packs and ummmm cleared my pantry bench. Also got bread and my fruit basket is full.

Yes I did the non-essential stuff that could have been left til later.

It’s been a messy week with volunteering. We had a triple whammy two days ago. It turned out the booking form had the wrong station as the meeting place . When I had a look, the arrival time didn’t correspond to any train. Alarm bells were already ringing. When I tried to ring to confirm no one answered the phone. I then SMS them and they never got back to me.

Well well well that didn’t go well. Apparently I had the wrong phone number didn’t I? The booking form they sent me was one digit out. So instead of a 6 someone typed a 5.

Luckily the volunteer picked it up. They updated me so I updated the system. Can’t wait til the system gets an overhaul. At the moment to generate a booking form takes so much effort and time that it is not funny.

The stations are busy as and I don’t blame them for making mistakes. It’s the chaotic environment, the user unfriendly software and human error when rushed that’s why.

Still waiting for the okie of the senior staff to get the software manipulated so it does what we want it to do.

Back to the mess. They located the client in the end at the other station.

The mess didn’t end there. It flowed on to yesterday. I texted a client to confirm the booking only to receive an SMS back asking me about the mix up the day before?

I thought oh no. So I rang them only to find out because they couldn’t find the other client the station rang and woke that person up in bed. It’s a no no for our elderly clients as they like to sleep in. They weren’t impressed.

I then had to apologise to say since he/she shared the same strange first name as the other client the station must have rang them when they couldn’t find the other person.

They then told me they’ve found a lift and cancelled the shift. It’s a coincidence that they managed to find a lift on the same day as the phone call was made.

I was like what?

Only to receive further bad news last night in class. One client went wandering despite us telling them not to move. One never turned up despite me confirming with them the week before.

Then late at night I had a call. My Friday volunteer has just informed me they can’t turn up. They’ve double booked. It means all my organisation is going down the drain.

I have no one to take that shift. It’s already Wednesday. I might have to hand it back to the coordinator as I’m stuffed. Literally stuffed with work and study.

What an awful week. One thing after another. Thought I had it all sorted so I can find time to study this week ๐Ÿ˜ฉ