I’ve been winked by Mr Repressed on AM 😩 What does it all mean? 😩

Feels weird. I know it’s him as it’s his nick.

Thought I was over him. I guess not lol. Now do I wink him back? Which one do I pick ?

Mr Clay is still at it. Today he texted me I’m choking. I need mouth to mouth. Lol He’s good value. He makes me laugh with his texts.

Mr Hotel is great too. He’s gone back to studying lol. Don’t know where he will find the time now.

There’s also Mr Country Bumpkin. We’ve been chatting. We’ve met and he’s really nice. Country boy.

As for Mr Chef he sounded a bit dominant. Not sure if I’m interested. He lives very close though.

Then there’s Mr Insurance. He’s been wanting another walk. Don’t think I’m interested. Might have to decline.

What to do with them all? 😩 I still haven’t found someone that fits the bill 😩