My teacher told us most times the tour guides feel sorry for their clients being ripped off by the tour companies so they go out of their way to make the trip better.

They take them to places enroute to give them more value for money.

But it’s not without the help of the clients. It means they have to board and alight quickly.

If it’s a bus load of clients that they think won’t be able to make the hectic schedule they’d opt out of the extras. In turn the clients miss out.

One of my class mates said something that was quite funny yet so true. She said these tours are like supermarket tours.

It’s like going to the supermarket you grab this and that and off you go.

And it’s exactly like that. They’d drive you for 2 hours and give you half an hour on the train and off you go. As for lunch your plate of food hit the table before your butt hit your seat.

It’s terrible. I’m glad we spent Saturday doing our tour. It gives us an insight of what the bigger tour companies are about.

My teacher said there’s always a better way of doing things.

Yes. We all agree our tours will be small group and will not be like the bigger tour companies.

Ours will be gourmet tours not supermarket ones.