Funny how people think. I was in the car with one of the students.

She told me she’s a single mum in her late 50s and well she’s working 6 or 7 days a week. I asked her why? As her kids are in their mid 20s.

She replied well I won’t be able to survive on my pension so I have to work hard. I didn’t work hard when the kids were younger as I wanted to look after them.

Now I’m making up for it. The thing I don’t understand is if you haven’t paid off your home loan why are you buying a rental ?

In her case she’s bought a rental using the equity of her house. She argued she needs a rental as when she doesn’t work anymore in two years time she can survive on the rental.

I didn’t want to force my point but I was thinking ummmm fair enough if you have renters in your house. What about your loan to the bank?

We’ve never been a fan of property investment. We just muddle around as we go. Our aim has always been quality over quantity.

Realestate game is to buy the worse looking house on a nice street or buy one with land.

Well we haven’t done that and probably stupid in doing so. We just buy what suits us at the time.

Like our house now. It’s an apartment as it is convenient. We can lock up and go when we go travelling.

Then our beach hidey hole. It’s close to the shops, beach and river and not much maintenance. We bought to have a place to go to just to chill. It has no land and is in a complex. What it has is a view.

For the same amount of money we could have bought a house with land a bit further away from the beach but no view. It would have meant trips down to the beach and not see any water 😂

As for our rental it’s a townhouse with no lawn to mow on a tiny piece of land about 70m2 roughly 755 square feet. Again no land. What it has is amenities. A plaza with shops across the road. Trams out the front and train out the back. It was easy to rent out and relatively new thus not much maintenance needed. A big plus is it is very close to the city and will go up in price anyway. May be not as much as houses with land.

For the same amount of money we could have bought a house with land a bit further away from the city. The house would be an older house needing work. It was too much hassles to rent . It would mean having to hire a gardener etc etc.

The rental is for the kids. When they are older we’ll use it to offset their mortgages. Ie. give them a head start.

My mum was like look at all the chủ phố in our family . They don’t have a good life. She meant all the realestate guru in our family. They all have about 4-5 properties each and living a miserable life trying to meet the mortgages.

She then looked at me. I kind of like what? We don’t buy for the sake of buying. We buy for a purpose, for a need. Any time that need is no longer a need we will sell up.

Our properties are properties we’d want to live in.

If we were in the game we’d buy differently. We’d never buy where we have bought.