And that’s a big wow. I didn’t know I lived in a land of volcanoes ? I thought Australia is only proned to bush fires and floods ?

And yes we have one at the moment. Here is hoping most have made it out.

I’m in Melbourne about 240km away. Roughly 150 miles away.

Victoria has like hundreds of dormant volcanoes and guess what? I didn’t know about them until I did my research for my talk.

The foundation of our Royal Exhibition Building (R.E.B) is made from blue stone.

Probably dug out and broken up by our convicts. It was their enduring hard labour.

Blue stone is a type of basalt . Basalt comes from lava cooling too rapidly.

And of course where does lava come from? Duh head. From volcanoes of course.

Fingers crossed our volcanoes are not going to erupt for thousands of years.

The link below have a great video of our western landscape.