These are great with a cold beer as a bar snack.

To my dismay I bought skinless ribs 😩 I was going to BBQ the ribs for a quick and easy dinner 😩

In the end I deep fried them. When plan A falls through plan B comes into play.

They were a hit. Second time I’ve made them and I think I’ve finally got them right.


Deep fried chicken ribs

Leave the ribs overnight or 6-8 hours after sprinkling with salt.

Then marinate the ribs in half the sauce once sauce is cold. The other half keep for later.

Once ready to eat fish them out of marinade and roll them in flour before deep frying. Use paper towels to absorb excess oil.

Drizzle the ribs with the left over sauce and garnish with garlic before serving.


(for 1kg of ribs)

1/2 cup fish sauce (3 crabs brand )

1/2 cup caster sugar

6 tablespoons honey

Combine and on to stove until sugar dissolves on low heat. Remove and leave to cool down.

Rolling flour : combination of equal parts of rice flour and corn flour

Garnish : pan fried chopped garlic