Mr Merc:

He asked me if I would like to go for a walk. So I said yes. No harm. In one photo he had a classic car with a dog poking her head out of the car. Quite cute.

I rejected him because he sent me a dick photo complete with someone’s hand holding it.

Only relented because I needed a walk and well a walk with company is better than no company.

So off we went. He met me in a Merc complete with pants and shirt and thongs. Yes you heard me right thongs. What you guys would call flip flops.

I was thinking what the? Didn’t you say to meet at the park to go walkies?

Hmmm we were walking and a bit into the 1.2km circuit he told me I was brave meeting him in a park like this. I was thinking crap. He’s bigger than me. I wasn’t getting good vibes and when I need people there was no one around. Double crap.

He wanted to hold hands and for the hell of me I can’t make out if it’s alcohol? Or he smokes? Or he’s got diabetes? It’s a sweetly disgusting smell? Drugs?

I know he comes from a wealthy family as he went to a grammar school. He also had a business. He’s well off but from the look of things money don’t buy you class.

Let just say I should have trusted my first instinct.

He wanted to meet to go walkies again so that I can take advantage of his 54 years old body with no pot belly 😩

As for me? Don’t care what you drive. Okie may be an Audi wouldn’t have gone astray.

Anyhow another dud. He turned up heaps older than his photo.

Mr Jaguar:

I met him at another park. He tried kissing me on our first meet. Fondling me everywhere.

Today he contacted me again to see if we can catch up.

He told me we don’t have to have sex . Just kiss and cuddle. After he asked for a photo he reciprocated with a photo of his dick. Ummmm not only that he sent me a video of him jerking off. Double jeopardy.

Mr Ute:

We’ve met twice already. Once in Westfield and once at a park. Only found out later that he used to work in management in Westfield and everyone knows him. So shopping centres are out.

Not only that he shaved off his moustache and goatee for me when I told him I didn’t like it on our first meet 😩

Anyhow he gives good cuddles and ummm a nice guy. Not sure about his dick though. It didn’t get hard when I touched it lol

Mr Board:

Mr board I’ve met 3 times. Still thinking should I? He’s good company but no chemistry. On the surface he’s a great person. Not sure about inside. I’m not sure.

Out of all of them the only one I feel at ease with is Mr Ute. He sent me a sweet message the other day after our walk and cuddle. He told me he hasn’t had such a nice time in years. Now if only his junior works πŸ˜‚