No I’m not in Italy but in Little Italy. We have one of the highest Italian population here outside of Italy.

This place has the yummiest ice cream around . I tried the ricotta and fig but ended up settling for the salted caramel.

It also has these beautiful Victorian terraces. I’m a sucker for old houses.

The old Carlton branch of Melbourne Savings Bank. Apparently the MSB was the first to offer long term loans. It also encouraged savings by having school banking and running savings clubs at workplaces in the early 1900s after the boom.

This used to be a funeral parlour . Who would have guessed? The undertaker there buried one of our notorious criminal called Squizzy. He or rather his relatives never paid for his funeral. They’ve made a TV series about him called Underbelly.

Another old house.

This is Queens College. A residential college of Melbourne Uni. It costs about 32K to live here for the academic year. It opened after the Queen’s jubilee and thus named after her. Apparently the colleges do accept holidays booking in between academic years. I wonder what it would be like to stay there ? It looks so grand.

This is another residential college. Designed by a famous architect who also designed Canberra. Can’t remember his name 😩 and my talk is due tomorrow.

And another college. Gothic revival.

After my 10,000-12,000 steps I treated myself to some Thai noodles and Thai milk tea.

I’m off to the city again today. I have to take a client out as there’s no one available 😩 Didn’t want to but felt bad as they booked way in advance.

I need to spend time to go over my talk for tomorrow. It’s our final assessment before we start again at the end of the year.

Guess I can over it on my trip into the city and whilst waiting for the client at the hospital.

I’ll be very relieved when this thing is over. I’ve got lots of photos from Bright to load up but haven’t had any time to even sort them out.