Mr Board and I have been on a few meets.

He’s not one of those that makes my legs buckle or give me butterflies. He’s one that grows on you.

I nearly said no as ummmm we are connected in a certain way and I was worried it might be too close for comfort. It’s like dating someone that works with you.

In the end I gave him a go and here we are. He’s good company and he’s got a good heart.

The other day he sent me his baby photo and I was like what happened ? 😂 He was really cute as a baby. Now not so cute. He needs to put on some weight. Found out he’s a race car driver . He is also very smart. Very quick at Maths.

I’ve never seen anyone hang out their washing that fast before .

And since it was late the other night he drove me home . About 25-30 minutes away.

We’re going to see each other weekly. I didn’t read the fine print. He said he’ll go walkies with me 80% of the time and only 20% of the time will we have sex.

I was like yippee doo. Ummmm he meant if he goes walkies with me for an hour and a half then he expects 20 minutes of sex in return 😩 I got sucked in bad.