The long awaited photos. I’ve been busy doing not much πŸ˜‚

The trees have not fully turned as yet. It was a rush rush affair. I think I want to spend two to three days in Bright. That way can take as many photos as I want.

We went on the Canyon walk which is very close to the town centre.

It’s very scenic. The track is 3km long but takes hours to do since there’s so much to capture.

Our first stop (Mt Buffalo)

Then we went up Mt Buffalo. This is the Horn. It’s high up and lots of views. Here is at the car park and it goes up another 40 minutes return .

I reckon it’s more though as I thought I was going to die getting up there. It was a hard slog up the mountain. The view was worth it though.

And another one.

And just one more.

And of course I love trees. Well taking photos of them.

And that’s it til next time.