The start mind you. Yesterday I went on a low carb and half portion diet.

I figured if I half the portions my tummy will shrink and thus the weight would drop off.

Today is my second day. It’s breakfast and instead of my usual toast and instant I’ve substituted a banana and a slice of cheese in its place.

It took a month last time for me to be 3kg lighter. I wonder how long it will take me this time ? I need to get rid of 5-6kg. Over two months of the course I’ve gained 2kg from the naughty snacking and junk food not to mention those 3kg that I lost I’ve gained 4kg in their place.

I love my carb and junk but enough is enough. Haven’t been this heavy since I was 38 weeks pregnant. It’s making me feel bluey and heavy. Plus I can’t fit into my clothes. Nothing fits 😩

One of the ladies in class said to me you need skinny, normal and fat clothes 😩

I want to be lighter. I want to go walkies. I don’t want to sit around and mope. That gym membership is looking mighty tempting now that Winter is looming πŸ˜‚

Been thinking and thinking about it. May be it wouldn’t be so bad ? I might get to perve at the guys πŸ˜‚

Today I’m off walkies . Australia is having a heritage festival. I’ve booked lots of tours to do. They are only about $10-20 to do. That way it doubles as my research as well.

Mr Board said he’ll go with me one weekend now that his car racing has quieten down. He’s a maniac. You wouldn’t think so looking at him. You wouldn’t think he’s high profile either.