Spent an afternoon walking. What I do best.

First off lunch at the market. Twice cooked belly pork with rice for $13 you can team it up with a beer for an extra $7.

This used to be an arcade back in the olden days complete with Turkish baths and what not.

The owner is trying to restore. The bottom arches would have costed him 100-200K to restore easy.

See the remnants on the wall? There used to be a building there.

This is one of my favourites.

And a Porsche. How appropriate.

A great big hole.? They discovered a tunnel underneath when they dug it up. The ceiling caved in and that was that.

The owner of this department store was very entrepreneurial . He designed it so that the upper floors only had highlight windows. Thus to keep shoppers focused on the inside not the outside.

As for this one he added more arches as he could afford to buy the adjacent shops. So it was 3,4,4.

As for this building they did a bad renovation. The council wasn’t too happy about it as they destroyed the period features.

Look at this colosseum of a department store.

And this?

And of course

How cool are these?

Yes I poked my head in. The laneway stank of urine.

Yet there’s something at the end of the laneway? A bar?

My favourite today would have been the arcade. If only the owner and investors can restore it to its former glory.