Day 4

I’m up having my normal breakfast now. An instant, a banana and a slice of cheese.

I feel lighter. May be it’s all in the head. Hopped on the scale last night to find I weighed 53.5kg or 118 lbs, 1 lbs less. I need to lose another 5.5kg. My goal is 48kg (106lbs). Last year I got down to 49kg (108lbs)

My diet is going well. I’ve tried to retrain myself to eat only when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. Quite a challenge as I hate wasting good food 😩

I have been very naughty in that when there’s good food I’ve taken to over eating .

The last few days I’ve stayed away from sweets and junk food. I haven’t had any KFC either.

I don’t miss it but I need to watch myself. Because as soon as I go back to it that’s it. It’s like there’s this button in my brains that lights up and all it wants is more of the bad stuff.

I find the banana and cheese combo don’t hold me til lunch. By mid morning I’m starving if I’ve been at work. Thus goes another banana.

For lunch I treat myself to a carb fix. It means a really nice lunch. It can be rice, noodles or bread. A solid lunch to see me through to dinner.

Then at night for dinner I have a smaller portion meal. Half portion. Lots of water and fruit for dessert.

My only sugary intake at the moment is my 1 teaspoon of sugar in my coffee. I might cut that out too.

From the look of it this diet is doable. I don’t care much what I eat for breakfast. I’m still treating myself at lunch. The only difference is I’m having a smaller dinner.

And well no snacking. Just have to keep my body and brains fed. If it’s fed it doesn’t look for crappy food to eat. I tend to snack when I’m bored.

Today will be my pottering at home day. Got to work on my CPDs. Only got 20 points so far. I still have another 20 to go. Now that’s a challenge in itself. Sitting at the laptop with no snacks.

I know the kilos are not going to magically disappear. It’s hard work and from what happened last year it will take me 2-3 months to lose that amount of weight.

Keeping it off is going to be a problem. Complacency is my biggest enemy. Last year I fell into the trap of I’m okie now I can afford to have an ice cream or some of that yummy KFC and that was my downfall. One bite and I couldn’t stop eating.