Yes we are still at war with each other. The enemy is trying his hardest to get closer yet he still stumbles and fall.

Got annoyed with him yesterday as we were supposed to be at my parents by 6pm and well he decided to go to his sister’s at around 4ish to grab his banana wrapped in sticky rice rolls.

His sister lives on the other side of the city which would mean 45 mins there and 45 minutes back if he’s not stuck in traffic 😩

I had to ring his sister to remind him to come back straight away. He made it back 5:50pm.

He’s installed the toilet door that’s been sitting there since last June/July.

He’s also re-installed the second rail for me.

This morning he asked me if I have $80 for the youngest for her extended Japanese class? I told him no since I’ve been using the debit/master card.

He then asked me to withdraw $100 for him when I go to withdraw money. Hmmmm.

Will go to the bank later to withdraw $200. $100 each as I’ll be using the card when I can. Just little things like buying bread $4 or deli meat for $10 can’t really use the card.

Anyhow hopefully he’s on board.