We’re fighting again. Cold War, no talking unless necessary.

He told me that I’m petty as he doesn’t question my takings from the accounts. He meant the $500 that I withdraw from the account every week for groceries and sundries.

So I sent him an SMS. A long one and that was it 😩

If we are partners instead of husband and wife.

Do you think it’s fair that your partner take money from business and not bank it? That way you don’t know how much is your takings?

Do you think it’s fair your partner takes business money to loan to their friend and not tell you? Even if there’s a paper trail?

That there is no black and white with business dealings?

Why is it that my drawings from the account has a paper trail and not yours?

From now on I’m going to put everything that I buy on the credit/ debit card so you can see what I spend the $500 that I supposedly draw out on.

I hate that you think $500 is a lot of money when you know as I do how much groceries costs, petrol for the cars, Myki, leaving money for kids for them to do groceries.

If I’m to do that you’re to do the same.

Don’t you think I know what’s going on? When you go to Viet Nam and have spending money and there’s no paper trail from our accounts? Where did that money come from? The $5,000 that you took last time? Is it our takings from the shop or have you got a secret account?

And you wonder why I don’t trust you?

I want so very much to trust you and I’ve found lately I can’t. Just you being chummy with N and if he’s that rich he wouldn’t need you to loan him the money.

I don’t accept the shonky dealings with him. The 4.5K that you loan to him this year? When are we getting that back?


Yesterday I went groceries shopping. Today I topped up my Myki. Tonight I’m putting petrol in. With the costs of living lately $500 doesn’t go very far.

I went to buy us fruits and vegies yesterday and it was $110. Okie so we don’t spend on chocolates and treats. What we spend on is nice fruits and vegies. The grocer we go to stock high quality fruits. They are more expensive than the others but it’s worth it.

That’s not even one weeks worth of vegies. All I bought was fruit for the week and stuff to make a salad.

Then went to Woolies to buy stuff for tonight’s dinner and bananas for the kids . That was another $30-40 gone.

$50 on the Myki will see me through the week.

Petrol is going to cost another $50-60.

I’ve still got another 4 nights of dinners to sort out.

Not to mention little bits like lunches, a belt for me and more bras for my girl. She’s grown out of hers.

Sick of arguing about money. He says we don’t have money to pay the timber people yet he had 4.5K to loan to his so called filthy rich millionaire friend. The one that the daughter spends 4K on a piece of clothing/designer bags.

So he might think 4.5K is nothing but to us it’s a huge amount of money that might mean we can’t pay our mortgage for this month.