Okie so I have slacked off. Here are the photos from the other day.

I’m at the train station waiting for my train.

The anchor from may be one of the hulks?


The morgue used to be near the pier and then moved here.

Before they had the morgue they’d bring the bodies here to one of the hotels to autopsy . Imagine coming in for a beer and there’s a body on the bar πŸ˜‚

A drinking fountain that still works 😊 you need to press the button quite hard though for the water to come out.

Another old building.

Loved the doors.

Can’t remember what this building was 😩

I had lunch to this view.

Ship close up

Lunch. Fish and chips . Yes I’m supposed to be on a diet. Can’t go to Williamstown and not have fish and chips.

Mobil tanks ?

About the tower

And that was my adventure for the day.

I caught the ferry back. It’s not a great place for my walking tour. It’s too far away.