Melbourne Central is a train station in Melbourne. It used to be call Museum Station as it was directly opposite the Museum until it moved.

The complex was designed by a Japanese architect. This is one of the biggest cone around. It costs 30K a year to clean it.

The views from the roof top.

I didn’t know Melbourne has a tent hotel? Not sure if it’s operational or not.

City living. Wouldn’t mind one of these boutique apartments. How cute.

Inside of the cone.

More views of Melbourne high up.

More of the cone and up high. The shot tower. The owners sold it to the developers of Melbourne Central as they couldn’t maintain it. It’s heritage listed and well who better to maintain it then a shopping centre ? With their deep pockets.

This tower is one of three in Victoria.

The delivery laneway. You can see the pipes retrospectively installed. As we didn’t have sewerage or electricity til later on.