I think I know what he’s up to. He’s trying to get to me. He’s signed himself up to go walkies with me.

Yesterday we spent most of the day together. We were in bed when he told me he doesn’t mind me being with others but he wants me for himself.

I think he thinks that if he keeps me busy I don’t have time to go on coffee dates with other guys πŸ˜‚

Guess he’s playing strategically. And he’s right. I haven’t really bothered to go meet others.

When it was time to go he was going to go in the car with me to show me the way home then walk home.

Lucky I declined as it was a fair walk not 500 metres like he said it was . More like a few kilometres.

Anyhow it was sweet of him. I felt looked after. Guess Mr Boardie has made it to the end. He’s gone where the others hasn’t. He’s smart that’s for sure and intelligence is a real turn on in my books.

He said to me the person you are and your photos are not the same. Looking at your photos I thought you’re one of those that was ready to go. Yet you took your time to sus things out.

Is that good or bad I asked ? He replied it’s good. You’re more refined πŸ˜‚

We are seeing each other again on Friday. Hubby is going out with his mates so I’m free.

Then we are going walkies again on Sunday.

He’s good. Not like the others . They’d only take me walkies once or twice and once they have me it’s walkies horizontally only.

Where as with him it’s not only sex. It’s cuddles and walkies too.

He’s all right. I get his humour.