I felt like a teenager last night sneaking out. Mr Boardie was playing netball and so I wanted to come and watch.

The plan was to go to his place and leave together. I assumed it was close by.

Well that didn’t happen. As the kids took forever drying the dishes and Miss 15 wanted to practise the piano after. She went on and on and on.

It’s because her lesson is on today 😩 so I waited and waited and it was 8:30pm before I left.

Thus ended up meeting him at the courts around 8:50pm. Luckily the place was about 15-20 minutes drive from me.

It was fun. His team won. Then he lead me home. I’d never drive down those roads as driving through the CBD scares the hell out of me. Even at night. His place is about 30-35 minutes from mine.

We had yummy sex and talked. I left him about 11:30pm. Though he assured me I can stay as long as I like. I left because he’s driven 300km yesterday before work as well as half an hour of full on netball.

Nearly home I received a text. Text me when you’re home Okie? I didn’t expect him to as it was after midnight when I got home.

The thing is my oldest caught me coming in. She was coming out of bathroom and I was walking in 😩 Anyhow we didn’t talk as it was late. Need to think up of an excuse 😂

We’ve made plans for the weekend. On Saturday I’m going to go to the market early to grab stuff. Then will cook us lunch.

Was going to catch the train. Turns out there will be replacement buses. So I’ll drive to his place I think.

It’s nice. We do stuff together and it’s not all about sex. Plus he chats as well.

He’s an all rounder. He fits.

He told me last night he’s a guy that will keep at it. He still laughs that I kept on dodging him, delaying meets with him in the beginning. And guess where we are now? I’m glad I gave him a chance.