Remember Mr Dom? Well we had sex in the car a few months back with no protection.

I haven’t seen him since. On Thursday I had a coffee date. He was cute. He works for the government. He told me he has tests every three months to make sure he hasn’t caught anything since he loves giving orals.

That got me thinking. On Friday morning I had an early coffee with another random. He was the second engineer in two days 😩 He had bad teeth and a shaky relationship with his wife so no go.

Anyhow it was really early and since we didn’t have any volunteer I had to volunteer for a shift and then buddy up to train a newbie as well.

By the time I’d figured it out I had to take the afternoon shift since I could only use the morning volunteer at the station. it meant I had heaps of spare time before picking up the client. Thus I decided what the heck. Get it done.

The clinic was in Carlton near the Uni and a public one. I turned up and went to the computer to register. They asked how many lovers you have had in the last three months 😩 Do you use condoms? All the time? Sometimes ? Don’t want to say.

Then they give you a registration card with just a number and no identifying information.

You had to go to the counter and they check your details. I then had a nurse that asked me what’s the matter?

Told her look I did it once without protection and it’s been playing on my mind.

Anyhow I asked her for all the tests and so afterwards it was a case of signing the forms so they can claim it on Medicare. Drop off my urine sample in the chute and that was it.

Funny thing was looking around the waiting room there was all sorts of ages and backgrounds. It’s like oh okie it’s not only me.

The painless exercise only required an hour of my day. One good thing no snobby doctors telling me I sleep around. What jerks. That’s why I haven’t been back to the other clinic that I usually go to.

The real reason I went was because I really like Mr Boardie. I wanted us to have sex unprotected. It’s nice to feel him inside me.

Funny thing was the precise day I went to have my test he had the runs. So it was like I’m not feeling too well and can’t meet up with you. I’m off home after my morning meetings.

I texted back get better and will touch base to see if you still want to do lunch on Saturday. I only realised he had the runs when he used the poo emojis πŸ˜‚ I thought he might have caught a cold at netball the other night or us having late nights and he’s run down.

Yesterday we spent most of the day together. He took my advice the day before and went to get some Gatorade. Thus Saturday morning he was back to his normal self.

We walked to the market and bought groceries . Then we cooked lunch, baked salmon rice paper rolls and of course had dessert in bed, each other πŸ˜‚ We did it twice and I think he wanted thirds.

I really really really like him. I’ve got him to hide my AM profile. As I didn’t know how to do it.

One good thing I know a few routes to his place now. Hubby is really jealous as I don’t go without condoms and for me to do it I must really really like him.