He sent me a quiz yesterday. It was a kinky quiz. You answer questions and they then class you as whatever.

I got pretty kinky. I think Mr Boardie got higher. He got Kinky.


We talked about it afterwards. It turns out he likes to be dominant. Well that’s no surprise since he owns ropes and whatever.

I had a collar and leash put on me yesterday and ummm it turned him on. For me? It was meh…not my thing. Tried it to see what it was like. It felt degrading and not very nice. For one I’m not a dog. For two I’m not subservient.

Last night he spanked me. He did it quite a few times. Don’t think it does anything much to me.

Guess I am dominant just like him. I guess it’s fun to switch if it’s within reason. A change is better than a holiday..yeh right.

Somehow I trust him. I don’t know why. We click.

Putting on that collar was a huge thing. Don’t think I’ll do that again.