The more time we spend together the more I get drawn in.

This morning I took my parents to the airport. On the way back instead of going home I dropped by at his place.

We spent time in bed talking..f…ing. Then I asked him to drive me to the market, he told me no.

He wanted me to drive both of us to the market. He said you drive and I’ll direct you where to go.

It got me thinking. He’s not one to baby you. He’s one that let you grow by showing you how to do something.

It’s what I like about him. He’s also encouraging. Every time I achieve something he’s vocal with his well done!

Tomorrow we are doing lunch and then on Sunday we are going to an open house together. I didn’t get to go to it during the heritage festival as it clashed with something else I wanted to do.

Since it opens its doors first Sunday of the month it wasn’t a biggie.

I love it that we do other stuff rather than just sex.

He’s good for me. He’s nurturing. There you go. Sometimes in life you just have a take a chance. You never know what life have in store for you.

I’m also going to sign myself up to go join a choir. They meet every Monday. Next week I’m going to their rehearsal to see what it’s like before I join.

This year ever since Thailand I’m more opened to getting out there and doing stuff I’ve been wanting to do but too scared to. Like dance class. It’s been great. Have made new acquaintances. Now choir to sing.

I’m off to trivia night with my volunteering group. I thought I’d better make an effort. He’s going too. The thing is he’s going to be on the board table. I’ll be on the table with the volunteers. It will be our second function together.

The first function was the AGM. He was there and so was I. I didn’t know him back then and well I was taking photos for them and we never met.

Might dig through the photos to see if he’s in any of them😂 funny how our worlds collide.