It turned out he and I went to two functions together 😂 When I took photos for the AGM I snapped him twice standing out the back looking inconspicuous.

There you go. Who would have thought? Today we spent time in bed talking . Then we went out to grab lunch. Their serve was humongous. We shared a platter for one in between the two of us.

Since he paid I took us to have coffee and cake so I can pay for it.

Afterwards we walked back. It was 3:30pm so I said good bye and left him. I think he wanted me to come up.

It was getting late. I knew he had swimming at 4:30pm and dinner with an ex-FB. Funny thing is we ran into one of his swimming buddies whilst walking to lunch. She said hello. Apparently he gives her heaps about her partner. Now she’s got ammunition to use against him, me.

Hubby is going out tonight so it’s me and the kids for dinner. I’m trying to find a new place to try out if they could be bothered dressing up and going out.

He told me at lunch that he knew I’d understand about his ex-FWB. I do because I’ve got FWBs that are now in the friend zone.

I’m sore. My butt got a good work out today. It felt so good. Mmmmmmm

I think I’ll be walking like I’ve got a broomstick up my behind for the next few days.