I’m bored so I’ve been tidying up my abode aka our apartment.

This is a little cupboard on top of my oven that I keep all of the baking stuff. Guess it’s time for a clean up.

The girls have just stuffed things in there left right and centre and there’s no order or anything.

Plus I’ve been baking lately so it’s a pain to find my ingredients.

My lemon cake the other day. It’s so yum.

The recipe was from this site.


Then there was the sticky date pudding and the chocolate cake before that.

Now what will I bake next? 😂

On the door front hubby has been earning his brownies points by installing my blinds for me. These were ready made blinds by Freedom. It costed me $300-400 for the whole lot plus a 900mm one yet to be installed on the other side.

I figured that’s pretty good and will do me but they do look a bit ugly with their white plastic ends so I’ve gone to Bunnings to see if there’s a way to make it look better and well there isn’t.

So will ring the Pelmet people today to see if they can come out and give me a quote.


I figured since I’ve saved money on the blinds I can splurge and get nice looking pelmets.