Monday will be a challenge so will Tuesday.

I’m taking Mr Boardie to swingers. So it’s going to be a little white lie.

I’m going to stay at his place that night then in the morning head down to OG. It’s supposed to be 15C (59F) on Tuesday.

Wednesday I’ve got the pelmet guy coming to give me a quote. So might head back Wednesday morning. Wednesday is supposed to be 15C as well.

It’s been so cold 15C is better than raining and bitterly cold.

So guess it’s not really a lie. I’m still going to OG but I’m going in the morning and not at night that’s all.

I need to go down there to source timber for the floors. I need recycled tassie oak to replace our termite damaged boards.

Since hubby is in a renovating mood I might as well get the ball rolling. Worse comes to worse I can get a handy man to come and do the work for me whilst hubby is visiting his mum in July πŸ˜‚

Either way it’s a win win.

The book I won at the silent auction last night. Our table came second last πŸ˜‚ if it wasn’t for the kids’ table we’d be last again with wooden spoons πŸ˜‚

Mr Boardie was naughty he bumped me whilst we were lining up for dessert. I just pretended I didn’t know him πŸ˜‚

When it was time to leave, I messaged him and left the restaurant and well he was on the way out too so we ended up meeting each other across the road. It’s funny that we both left at pretty much the same time.

We caught a tram back to his place for cuddles then I drove home.

I left my car there before the function. It took me an hour to get to his place. I left at 4pm thinking I’ll beat the peak traffic. No chance. It was bumper to bumper. A 30 minutes trip turned into an hour.

I didn’t want him to put more pressure on his dodgy ankle driving me home. That was our original plan.

Anyhow all good. He liked my black dress, pink scarf, fish nets and boots. I scrubbed up okie πŸ˜‚