I was at my parents setting up for the sleep over. Mr Boardie dropped by for a visit. I offered him tea and was going to defrost some pate and have it with crackers.

Ummm the microwave kind of went smokey. I think it was on its last leg.

It was nice of him to drop by as I was out of action and so we chatted and cuddled. Anyhow here is hoping he doesn’t catch my cold. He didn’t care less. He probably thinks he’s immuned. So we kissed. He was being funny as I told him off for being sloppy. He then planted about a dozen kisses sloppily on me. So I wiped my face on his T-shirt 😂

He then left and I went off to Harvey Norman to buy a new microwave for my parents. I also bought the 5 years care package so that if the microwave goes again they can exchange it for a new one.

I like it how we do things and not just sex. Seeing him Tuesday night then I’ll drive down to OG on Wednesday morning. He’s popped me into his calendar for 7pm. Told him no it’s more like 8-8:30pm.

Now that I’ve discovered how easy it is to get from his place to my hidey hole it’s making it easier to work around things.

He’s very close to the bridge that crosses from the east to the west. From my place to get on to that bridge in peak traffic is not doable. It’s like an hour or more before I can get on to the bridge.

From his place I can leave much later like 8-9am and his freeway entrance actually gets me merging on to the bridge with hardly any traffic at all. It is so cool. I can cut off so much travelling time.

I love his neighbourhood . May be our next house there? So close to the market and the CBD.

I’m off to OG as I’ve got to meet a carpenter on Wednesday for a quote for replacing the floor boards.

My pelmet guy has gotten back to me about the pelmet. It’s going to cost about $650 in hardwood. He’s trying to source it in Tassie oak for me.

It’s reasonable . He’s going to coat it clear satin.

Now how to get hubby to redo my blinds for me. I need them under roll before the pelmet goes on. Which means taking them all apart and re-rolling them the other way around.

He’s leaving for VN in a few weeks. I’ll have to ask him today since he’s only got next week free before he’s got to cover for our other pharmacist.

He’s already whinging about me giving him more job to do. I might just take them down and do it myself.