My life is full of crap at the moment. I’m tired. Or rather weary as Mr Boardie would say.

I’m sick. I hate Winter. I hate the cold and even with Melbourne being cold its weather is still pretty mild compare to the rest of the world.

I mean 5-13C is pretty reasonable right? That’s like 41-55F for the middle of Winter right?

It’s so cold I’m all layered up and the heater is on pretty much near non-stop.

Hubby’s been out every weekend drinking so I’ve been either spending time with the kids or with Mr Boardie.

Tonight we went to Westfield for a food court dinner and saw Incredibles 2. It was really funny. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again.

I’ve been like this all week only to realise my period was coming. It sucks. My emotions running wild. Bawling my eyes out at stupid things like hubby refusing to pay my membership to a pharmacy association citing it costs $700.

Meanwhile he doesn’t care that he spends probably that much in one night with his friends.

Anyhow I was livid. So I tried to get out of the house only to find my car blocked by his staff’s car plus our bins. Despite us paying for their parking elsewhere.

So pay back time. Once she moved her car and I’ve gotten my car out I blocked his car with all the bins that was blocking mine.

You don’t block my car and get away with it πŸ˜‚ Mr Boardie told me I don’t make it easy for hubby. Well fair is fair . If you block my car I block yours. Don’t mess around with a woman that’s about to bleed πŸ˜‚

My parents are away at the moment so I’m borrowing their house for our son’s sleep over.

He wants a sleep over for 6. I’ve set it up in their living room with tarp underneath the blow up mattresses.

Thank goodness for the extra space as no way could I fit 6 extra men in our apartment.

He’s promised to clean up after his friends and not wreck his grandparents’ place. Fingers crossed that’s the case.

And since none of them drive I’m giving them all a lift there.

Now all is left is snacks and alcohol. They can get their food delivered I’m not fussed. After all they are adults now.

I’m looking forward to getting our floors fixed.

Timber in my car ready to go. We’ve got Tassie oak floors. Finally found a place that stocks the right width and thickness.

My blinds? Will have to get hubby to rehang them as the doors won’t open properly now lol Will do that when he’s in a better mood. I’m still waiting for the pelmet people to get back to me.

And that’s all folks. Here is hoping next week is better. Winter sucks bad.