We talk about everything . Well things that are important. Finance, job, relationship.

He told me he went to his daughter’s deb ball so I asked for photos. He showed me them on his phone.

He also told me about the awkward evening with his ex. They are getting along better but still. I told him he’s a good dad being there for his daughter. Shows he’s the bigger person.

We talked about hubby. Talked about our silent relationship. He said to me go work it out with hubby. It’s okie if you spend less time with me just don’t disappear.

Then it was about his job and his finances. He’s been struggling as he’s still got to pay child support and school fees for another two years. By the time that and with rent added he hasn’t much left. School fees are like 26K a year. He said thank goodness as it was 50K+ a year before that since he had to pay for both kids’

Anyhow I advised him to apply for a new job. His contract runs out in September and well his new boss is not too great to work with meaning it can go down the gurgler in September if she doesn’t want to work with him and demands someone else instead.

There are positions vacant which he’s looking into. They are permanent positions but he’s worried with all of his commitments he’s got to find a high paying job like a CEO or something. His wage must be 100-200K a year or in that vicinity.

Fingers crossed he’ll get one that suits. As a permanent one is better than contracts. It gives it a bit of permanency and stability rather than worry when the next pay check is coming in.

Anyhow he told me it’s not like he’s running away with me. I laughed well I’m not running away with you either.

That’s the extent of our relationship, FWB I guess as how you’d call it. He told me don’t go telling people I’ve got a heart they might try and find it. I replied that’s great you with no heart and mine is under lock and key 😊

We went to Bunnings for lunch. He grabbed stuff for his car and we came back cuddled and had a nice long snooze after sex. Then I left him to go home. Detoured to the shops to buy stuff to make Panna Cotta.

Berries sauce

Whola. Success. Next time I’ll add more milk. Too creamy for my taste.

Very easy to make though.