I took the train into the city to go walkies with Mr Boardie. We ended up having lunch first and then we went walkies.

We ended up in Carlton and I bought him an ice cream. We chatted some more. He urged me to talk to hubby.

He said I’ve got to sort out my marriage. He said he’d be upset if we don’t see each other again but he doesn’t want to be in the position of someone making someone else miserable aka hubby.

I told him I will sort it out. Marriage is like a job. Contracts run out and then it’s at the table again renegotiating conditions.

Let see where it will lead us this time. He understands what it is like. He let on when he divorced he was the first one in his strict Catholic family to divorce. There has never been a divorce in his family and his parents didn’t talk to him for half a year.

Anyhow they eventually came around.

Why am I happy? I got to go walkies. I got to eat ice cream.

As for my piano ?

It looked worse than it is. The technitian quoted me $250 to clean up the rust and to tune it for me.

I’m relieved. I thought it was worth a few grand to replace the strings. Apparently I don’t have to replace any.

Felt like a heavy load has been lifted off my shoulder. One down many to go.