I’m doing a macarons run. It’s for Mr Boardie. He jokingly told me yesterday I’m full of promises. I know his Kryptonite. It’s anything sweet πŸ˜‚ anything chocolate will bring him down πŸ˜‚

Since the macarons weren’t ready yesterday I thought I’d do a special trip into the CBD to deliver it for him. They are Passionfruit ones made by my youngest.

It’s a beautiful Winter afternoon and I need to go wandering. I need some exercise or else I won’t sleep tonight. I’ve been sick lately that now that I’m well I don’t want to waste a minute of the sunshine.

Will grab groceries on the way back for dinner so I’ll kill three birds with one stone.

The pelmet guy came over to show me the timber stained. It looked good. He said it will be ready in two weeks. I can’t wait.

The lawyer has gotten back to us about our will. She needs to discuss it further with us.

This morning I did have a short talk to hubby. I asked that we have our serious talk before he goes away on holidays. He said okie. His idea was to talk after his holidays. I don’t want to wait that long.

Have part booked our holidays for January. We are off to Singapore and Malaysia. Still not sure about my itinerary as yet so only booked my flights, hotel in Singapore as it’s nearly booked out. The other hotels I’ve booked but haven’t paid as it gives me the flexibility if I should need to cancel them.

8-10/1 Melbourne to Singapore (booked)

10-12/1 Singapore to Malacca by private car

13-15/1 Malacca to KL by taxi (booked not paid)

15-20/1 KL to Penang (booked not paid)

20-23/1 Singapore (booked)

23/1 Singapore to Melbourne (booked)

Looks like everything is falling into place. Today I feel quite hopeful.

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