Mr Boardie wanted to meet tonight. Usually Monday is reserved for his kids. He sees them once a week every week driving an hour away each way to see them.

I was surprised that he wanted to meet. In the end he did ring them up and they didn’t want to see him so he made plans to see me. It was school holidays after all.

I was even more surprised when he told me he will drive to me. I was lost as to where to meet. Luckily my parents were still away so that’s where we met.

His reasoning was that I drive to him all the time and well he wants to balance the relationship a bit. I told him I don’t mind as he hosts. I don’t have a place to host.

I made 30 of these beauties and he requested 4. I brought 5 and we shared one with a cuppa so he could bring 4 home. I only ate 1/4 , he gobbled down the rest.

We also talked about our weekend and volunteering stuff. It was a long talk as when I looked at the clock it was 10pm. Time to go home.

He gave me ideas as to how my program can run by automating the software system we have. I’ll put it in my proposal for tomorrow.

He’s meeting the CEO tomorrow too in the morning. So he will discuss it first. I’ll follow suit but at a lower level. He told me they are working on the software at the moment so it’s the right time to fix stuff.

When I told him the problem he said he felt overwhelmed. So if I do it to the coordinator she will feel overwhelmed too. My problem list has to have a proposed solution to it.

I told him he’s good for something . It’s nice to have friends in high places. As I wasn’t getting anywhere.

Fingers crossed it will go ahead as it’s driving me nuts. I’m frustrated. I can’t forever put out spot fires . I’m getting tired.

Tomorrow I’ll do a flow chart for the coordinator. To show her what might work.

I’m getting quite fond of him and I think he of me. We didn’t see each other the weekend that just passed.

I know he said he’d be upset and that he doesn’t want to be the other guy.

When he left tonight he said I’m getting used to being spoilt. And I think my tummy is too πŸ˜‚

That’s it more baking on the agenda πŸ˜‚ if this computer thingy goes ahead I’ll be baking more to thank him πŸ˜‚