I haven’t been in much as been busy getting our taxes in order. Only managed to balance one year. Still got another two to go.

Our book keeper was shocking. Numbers all wrong. It took me the whole night and morning to balance it up.

First she was 200K out on expenses. When I put in the extra expenses it went negative. So then our income must have been higher.

Anyhow it’s all sorted. We are going to see the accountant on Monday.

As for us we are going to get a divorce. Talked to him last night and well both of us felt it was the right thing to do.

I’m to get valuations whilst he’s away. Then we will settle financially first. If he can’t buy me out I’ll stay his business partner and he gets a wage. I’ll take half of whatever is left. If I take on book keeping the shop will pay me.

The two should be enough for me to live on. As for living arrangements I’m to stay with him for the next two years so our youngest can finish high school.

Then I’ll move out to a small apartment in the city. The investment property will be kept as my investment.

He gets the house. As it makes sense since he works downstairs.

It’s all falling into place. We’ve always been better friends than lovers. Divorces shouldn’t be traumatic. We still care for each other.