With wedding photos?

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Came down to stay overnight to give access to the carpenter tomorrow and the rubbish man on Wednesday to take our crap away as I’ve got a viewing on Saturday.

The place is a big mess. Not only that found our beds all urine stained. I’m peed off. He’s been down with his friends and one of them has a toddler. Anyhow the mattresses are all stained and they didn’t even bother to clean them up. They covered up with mattress protectors. Not only one bed but multiple beds.

That’s why we don’t rent out our place. The beds are the kids’ . Upset as now I’ve got to go scrub the mattresses as well.

Needless to say his friends are banned from the house until it’s sold. I’m not a slave coming down to clean up after them.

My emotions are all over the place. Upset that we are selling my hidey hole. Upset about the mattresses. Frustrated that I won’t be able to get everything done by end of Wednesday

It’s now 11:30pm Tuesday . I need to sleep and I can’t. Need to get up early tomorrow so I can start working on the house.