I’m so very glad I didn’t book the MYOB classes back to back. Two classes this week and I’m about to say no to book keeping.

It’s a case of me not familiar with the software and well my booking keeping skills rusty.

All the people there are accountants or are working and using the software day to day. I don’t even have the software to play around with.

Anyhow it’s getting better. I guess I will get used to it. The more exposure the better. It’s a very powerful tool.

Today is going to be a busy one. I’m hoping to get the plans to the town planner. He is helping us get our submission in order to apply for subdivision.

That way hubby keeps the apartment. I’ll keep the retail premise which in turn will generate me an income of 60K a year in rent. Combined with my share of the profit I’ll be okie.

Hubby wanted me to go to the council. Hiring him in my opinion will quicken the process. I’m one of those that if it’s beyond me then it’s time to bring in the professional.

There are times when we can challenge ourselves and there are times when we shouldn’t.

I fed the kids crap last night. Bought two dishes of pasta from the supermarket and some broccoli to blanch. Felt a bit guilty when my son asked for rice. Tonight they are having rice. I’ll prep for them and they’ll just have to cook it.

Today my to do list is ummm quite long.

9am ring up clients re volunteering

920am drop off plans at town planner

10am go get a hair cut

11:30am dance fitness, lunch in Westfield. Groceries for kids to cook their own dinner. Prep for their dinner.

4:15pm catch train into the city to go to a farewell

Dinner with Mr Boardie as he’s heading off car racing early Saturday

Got to squeeze in work somewhere.

On the bright side our floors are repaired. It took two men the whole day to work on it. It costed me $1000.

First they had to cut the boards out individually without damaging the surrounding boards. It took them nearly all day to do that.

Then they added the cross bars so they could glue and nail the new boards to the bars. After that the boards had tongues cut in the end to slot underneath the existing boards.

I also googled and styled my built in cabinet.

It’s looking a whole heap better thanks to one of the guys. He advised me to get in a stylist. I spent the whole night styling it. Didn’t let on that I did interior design just don’t practise it 😂 no time. My place has always been function over form.

Can you imagine all that crap was on the shelves ?😂

It’s 7am. I think I’d better get up and have some breakkie and may be do an hour at the business. I’m so very behind. It’s been a full on week.