I braved it today. My usual car park was closed so I had to deviate to find another one. Since I usually only ever parked there it was a pain.

Found one in La Trobe St. The problem was getting out and going home. I couldn’t U turn as tram tracks. So William St it is.

It meant I had to do a hook turn. It means turning right from the left lane. On green you move up to the very left and sit still. Wait til red before turning. This video shows how it’s done.

Lots of people are terrified of hook turns lol

It’s so you don’t block the trams on green

Then I had to tackle the big round about. I’ve had an accident there before thus I never go that way. Little Miss Chicken never ever go the difficult way. And guess what? My google map wanted me to go that way today. I was like what?

See the round about? See the tram tracks? Not to mention the pedestrians . It’s ummm confusing as.

Thank goodness I was going straight so I didn’t have to enter the round about. Also because it’s busier now they’ve installed traffic lights.

Found a utility box.

More street art

This is from an apartment block . How cool. 😊

Only saw this when I looked up.

I’ve seen so many apartments today my legs are killing me. Had boots on so I’m now a proud owner of blisters on my right foot. Not.

Still in love with the very first one I saw the other week. As soon as I saw it I thought to myself yes I can live here.

If only I was ready to buy. None comes as close.