Last night Mr Boardie took me home. I told him it’s okie just drop me off at the train station. It’s only half an hour home by train.

He drove me home anyway. Despite him having to get up early this morning to drive down to Philip Island to go car racing.

On the way home he asked me to think it over carefully. To talk to hubby. Either way it’s hard. Separate or stay together. He said along the line of I want you to come out of it with minimum scarring as possible.

He also let on what happened with him and his wife. He’s sharing slowly. Every time we talk I learn a bit more. It made me sad. He’s been through a whole heap. No wonder he’s running scared.

Today he didn’t answer my messages. Not sure if it’s because he’s busy or he doesn’t want to.

He’s probably busy. Don’t think he’s as prepared for this race. He’s still got all day of racing tomorrow.

We went out to dinner last night. To a new place. He paid for both of us. I contributed half. I told him please let me. That way we can eat out more. If he keeps on paying then we might not be able to.

We shared the oxtail ragu gnocchi and a salad. He had white wine I had water.

This place is not bad. Newly renovated and quite nice.