I thought I’d be nice today and go pick him up from the airport. I left at 7:20am by train. Then caught a bus.

When he came out he was on the phone to someone. After hassling him he eventually told me.

Phone call was to a friend. A girl. She wanted to drive him home.

I kind of was like this is awkward. It turned out he met her at one of those drinking parties.

He told me they are just friends. You don’t ring your friends from overseas. Lol He gave her his number so she must mean something.

Anyhow to just leave me there standing with the luggages like I didn’t exist.

I did wormed it out of him. She’s a single mum and apparently she’s different from me. I asked him how so?

He replied she drinks. As soon as I heard that I was like oh no. I do not want that kind around my kids.

For one if you need to find a man there are other means. Intimate dinners. Even going to parties is fine but don’t need to be able to hold your alcohol to find a man?

I was shocked. I thought he had more sense than that. Funny thing was his sister begged me last night to stay with him. She said he needed a saviour. If I leave him he will go on his downward spiral.