You asked me the other night if it is the right thing to do. To split up our little family.

I don’t think it is but at this moment in time I feel it’s the only option.

I never wanted to split us up. The ball is in your court. I do urge you to think about it carefully.

You’ve changed so much I hardly recognise you anymore. The people you associates with. The wrong crowd even if you’re related to them.

Did you ever think that you’re now one of them? The crowd that you looked down upon you’re actually partying with now? I’d hate for our kids to associate you with them. I thought you’re better than that. May be I’m wrong.

Lately you don’t want to spend time with me. Time with us. It hurts. To hear the kids ask where you are. What time you’re coming back.

Have you ever wondered why I ever hooked up with other guys? It’s because I was lonely. I’m starved of affection. I crave it like a drug. I need cuddles and kisses. They don’t mean anything to me. Just someone to hold me when you’re too busy working or partying. Call it an extra pair of arms. I feel like I’m the one that always initiates hugs and kisses.

I’m willing to risk our relationship for you to go exploring. Go out with other girls and find someone that suits. May be that’s what you need. Someone to chase you. I feel I owe you that much. Give you the freedom to find what’s right for you.

Then you’d need to choose. You need to choose us, your little family or them.

And if you do choose us then you need to treat us, me and the kids with some respect. Haven’t had any of that lately. I’m not a piece of shit.

I’m sitting here writing this thinking where have you gone? Delivery doesn’t take that long. If you’ve gone to see her then tell me straight. I can handle it.

I am who I am. You know me. I’d never beg. I’d never chase you either. You should be chasing me. I’m a girl after all.

I’ll be here waiting.

Your wife.