I only had a few minutes as was waiting for an inspection.

I think I’m making the right decision. The water calms me. I sat collecting my thoughts.

Just heard a colleague has passed away. Life is too damn short.

Will drive down for the funeral when I hear more about it.

Also found a Facebook photo of my Scout friend and his new girl friend. That was quick. A year after divorcing and he’s hitched up with someone looking like she’s half his age. Here is hoping he’s chosen wisely.

My thoughts are all over the place today.

The other direction.

Deep down I want to be near the beach. Though not sure how I’ll go about it.

The apartments I saw today are tiny. They are located about a block or two from the beach. I’m not willing to spend more for a two bedrooms.

May be I’ll have to go further out. Here is hoping there are better ones on Saturday.

Planning to spend the day going to inspections and might see Mr Boardie in between. Or I guess I can drag him along to the inspections.